Leadership as women of color can be challenging, overwhelming, and lonely. This journey does not have to be alone. Join a cohort and learn how to navigate this journey in solidarity. As women of color not only must we be intimately familiar with the issues we are tackling, we also have to navigate code switching, being authentic, investing in our own personal growth with white privilege, misoginia, and a never-ending stream of challenges in our personal lives, in our neighborhoods, and in our society.

We’ll work with your team to design a leadership retreat geared towards your values, mission, and goals. Or attend one of our “Envision Your Leadership” bootcamps, retreats, trainings, and workshops to move into your optimal self along with a cohort of women who are on their own paths.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you connect with a cohort of women of color and allies who are on the same path. Start your new path today!